We know the dilemma people face in getting authentic wines & spirits in Nigeria.

The problem starts with our mindset, as we are keen on getting good prices, which is fine for a smart consumer or business owner. But this drive, should not sway you away from considering the standard of what you are buying, even when you finally get a good pricing deal.

Research has proven that fake drinks are mostly sold at the same price as the original one.

So the question is, why pay so much to hurt yourself or your customers?

Some consumers have been smart enough to download Apps that help to identify fake drinks through the bar code. However, from our research, fake drinks are refilled into bottles with the original bar code. So you might just be shooting yourself on the foot with all that technology play.

Fake drink syndicates are smarter and will go to any length to outsmart any consumer by exploiting new techniques from day to day.

The best way to avoid these is to change how and where you buy your drinks from, Most Nigerians believe the best place to buy drinks is in the Lagos Island open market.

But how do you guarantee what you are buying from the open market, when most of these sellers are only keen on maximizing their profit.

How do you identify the sellers that sell genuine products? Do you just rely on word of mouth?

“Madam/oga, na original I dey sell to you”

Most times, these words are just sales pitch. Not a guarantee of original product!

So here is an advice, look out for brands that specialize in just wines & spirits and have championed the #buyauthentic campaign in Nigeria like

They are the Nigerian No 1 online drink delivery platform and they deliver everywhere in Nigeria.

The question is: Why

They source their drinks from only manufacturers & leading approved brand importers, as such they can guarantee the authenticity of every drink you buy from them.They sell the drinks at wholesale price, which means you can always get the best deals from them.

They have a reliable delivery network that can deliver in Abuja & Lagos in 24 hours and any other state in Nigeria in 72 hours.

They offer so much convenience with respect to how you can order from them:

Mobile friendly website:
Android & IOS Apps
You can simply call their customer care line: 09087188231 -2
Or order via WhatsApp on 09087188231.

Be rest assured that you are buying the best quality, when you order from them.

And just in case you didn’t know, they only sell in cases and most times they supply your favorite hangout spot like bars, lounges, clubs, hotels and even supermarkets.

So when you enter any of these outlets and you don’t see a vendor partner banner, be very wary and double check what you are drinking.

The overall strategy at is to bring to you, new, authentic and exciting brands that complement your current portfolio of brands and adds value to your overall beverage alcohol program at a pocket friendly price.

If you’re a consumer, we hope you will enjoy the entire purchase experience and for business owner, we are certain you would enjoy the partnership.

Finally and most certainly, you will be pleasantly surprised that these exists in Nigeria.

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