How to Drink without getting Drunk

If you have a low threshold for alcohol and with one two or few shot of alcohol at the party, you already feel tipsy and drunk. well then this is the right post for you to read.  This are are list of proven trick and tips that have been tested to help reduce the effect of alcohol in anyone. Kindly note that the Individual’s metabolism and body system is different as so the effect might vary on different people based on body weight and all.

 Yoghurt + yeast mix together (one tea spoon)

Yeast has an enzyme called ADH Alcohol dehydrogenases . This breaks down alcohol into carbon, hydrogen and oxygen and so basically the yeast helps to break down the alcohol before it gets to you tummy but it doesn’t prevent getting drunk but rather reduces the effect of getting drunk.
Side Effect:

  • when ADH breaks down the alcohol toxic bi-product is produces and cause hang over.
  • Consuming dry yeast may cause you hang over to be worse even without getting drunk at the party or where ever.


Consume food with high fat content right before drinking

foods like burger , chip, cheese, fried chicken have high fat content can help reduce the effect of alcohol if drank before you start taking in alcohol.



Sleep Well before heading out

Passing out at a bar doesn’t count for this. Sleep well prior the event or the night before. The more sleep and rest you have, the more sane your mind is and has more resistance to alcohol basic.



Be Active and Energetic

Try as much as possible not to sit or rest while drinking, as the alcohol kicks in faster as rest and at a lower heat beat rate. I am not necessary saying yu should go mad and crazy, but just be active , interact , keep your energy level high and stable.


Drink a lot of water

the more water you take in while party, the more you tend to visit the toilet and the more you pass out the alcohol as urine.

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