Alcohol Budget for Nigerian Weddings

Are you planning to get married and you are invited to a friend’s wedding on saturday.  We all know how a typical modern day 9ja wedding ends up with the alcohol blazing, booze and more booze, then dance, dance, dance and more booze. Plus, we all have that aunt in the family that just doesn’t know she is quite of age and would still try to kill it on the dance floor and the “big uncle” trying to hit on the young ladies while the mothers sit on one side gossiping. Please don’t forget the “chicks” that came to find husband and the guys that would try to mingle of which I like to call  setting parole. If these happened on your wedding day, then you know it was lit and a hit back to back.

The first thought that probably crossed you mind would probably be

How do you make it Happen ?

This thought goes through everyone’s head and we at Myshayo are here to help you with that. This is a once in a lifetime event  and the truth is you have to make it count especially with the booze. Before we dive in, let’s preface this information with a note that only you know your crowd. If half your guests don’t drink, adjust accordingly. If your loved ones drink beer, but hate wine, well, don’t have a wine-only reception.  At the end of the day, you know best what your loved ones expect and what you care about.

There are three basic Type of Wedding bar:: beer and wine only, full bar, and the something-in-between I’ll call modified full bar. If you are set on doing a true full bar, I do not recommend going our DIY route. No alcohol calculator is gonna work for a bar that involves 20 kinds of booze catrgories. Work with a professional bar-tending service like Myshayo Bar Service at your venue, unless you want to blow most of your budget on half the stock at your local liquor store.

How do I buy Alcohol for my Wedding and How much?

The truth about this is you don’t need to have an in depth knowledge with drinks, champagne , cocktails and all. If it makes you feel any better, I also don’t have so much knowledge about drinks also . I rely on Myshayo for this, i most often call the customer care helpline on 09087188231, 09087188232 ask them whatever question you need to know , plus prices and get even more discount deals.

Know your Crowd.

Is your entire extended family comprised of people who exclusively drink champagne, forever and always? Adjust for that! if you have that, get more champagne in the mix than any other type of drinks also have a mix of other categories or type as this would give your crowd a taste of others and you can cut short your budget from the mix.

Remember your Time and Location

Think about where you’ll be, when, and what the weather will be like when you are planning how much to get of each kind of alcohol. Think about what you would like to drink, and remember to consider your audience. Your party location also helps to decide what drinks to have – a beach side reception, a club reception, an open hall type reception etc

Discuss a signature cocktail

During cocktail hour, assume everyone’s drink will be the signature one, and make sure there’s enough for everyone to have it. Then, proceed with the numbers above. This works with either type of bar. If you’re offering only a signature cocktail (in addition to wine ) during your cocktail hour, consider having two signature drinks: one made with brown liquor and one with clear. People can be very particular about these things.

Do this and your reception would be a hit back to back… all these and much more are available at

BLOG REFERENCE FROM The Practical Wedding

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