Lagos Night Life


Despite the hustle and bustle of a city as busy as a pot of Edikai’kong soup, Lagos has been the city with highs and ups, with no low moments for its residents.

Since we only live once, it is very important to do it right. Having a fun filled day/week in Lagos is as important as making the Lagos money. For this to happen, you will need to have good company, the right spot/place, the right bottles and you are just in time for a nice time in Lagos.

The Right company


The right company can be friends, colleagues from work, family or relatives. The most important thing here is to be with people that cheer you up, ease off the tension and pressure of the work, and of course make you smile and grin from chin to chin. When you have these kind of company, it’s time to call them up for a catch up at your favorite spot.

Favorite spot 


Looking for a good location to hang out is not so difficult, the most important thing here is the amount of time and money you are willing to spend. If you will be spending less time and money, you can try a bar by the pool or by the beach with the breeze to help you relax more. If you have a lot of time and more money, especially on a Friday night the club or a live band show is a way to go. And for some, it’s a family movie or dinner time. Just remember, it’s who you spend it with that matters.

The Bottles


The drinks you will have is as important as the time spent. The drinks further defines if your night out will be fine or not. For a bliss of happiness by the beach or by the pool, a good bottle of Whiskey and mixers on ice is just the crisp you need to accompany the evening breeze with fresh, hot barbecue steak, and you are in for a treat.  A night at the club is better with a smooth ride of Cognac on ice or a sparkling glass of champagne to accompany the sound of music. And then, the fun is just started. For a family dinner time, a bottle of authentic Wine is just the way to make the night right.

Now that you know the drinks to set you in the right mood, getting them is not difficult, as you can get them all at your door step from and trust me, the party is just started.


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