Myshayo Bath Time

myshayo bath.jpg

After a very long week, we all deserve to relax in the most convenient way possible, with less noise and more privacy. And for us at Myshayo we suggest an alone time to be by yourself. We suggest a me-time, bath-time to exfoliate your skin and your mind off the stress of the week.

Creating the perfect me-time bath-time, begins with you creating the perfect time to tell your kids, spouse, room-mate, and friends, to go have fun somewhere else without you.

While you have the time already set aside, put a face mask on, a hair mask on, or any other mask that will make you feel more beautiful in your skin. Then prepare an exfoliating or moisturizing bubble bath. This will make the entire time worth it. And don’t forget, leave the cell phones on mute in another room and just be one with yourself for as long as you can.

At this point, you will need a mix of bliss to relax your mind, body and soul.


red wine tub

For your alone time to go down smooth, go with a glass of wine, and another glass, and, you know what, bring the whole bottle with you to the tub, we all know a glass or two of a nice crisp cold Cabernet Sauvignon or a full bodied French Merlot wine will not be enough to do the trick. When that is done, it’s just about time to introduce the perfect mix. Music.


pretty bath tub

We all have that one or two songs that relaxes the mind and ease off the tension and stress of a long week and that is exactly what you need or whatever is in your recently added playlist that you cannot stop listening to is just fine. When this is in place you are set to have an amazing time all by yourself.

There is only word for a crisp cold glass of an authentic wine in your hands, a good music and a moisturizing bubble bath. Happiness.

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