Staying sober on a night out

Curbing your alcohol consumption on a night out with friends is sometimes difficult especially when its pay day Friday!

the first rule of thumb is to drink water: with each new bottle you order get a bottle of water; this way you drink water between shots and especially after the night is over to prevent the hangover headache which is all you’ll get if you’re downing authentic drinks

set your limit and space it out: if you get drunk on 1 cognac bottle for example, try doing a  glass an hour. this way you can last the whole night!

don’t mix on an empty stomach: if its a full on shayo night with several bottles on the table ranging from cognac, whiskey, brandy, to vodka & tequila , avoid doing several within the hour which brings us back to 1 glass an hour and of course, eat something!

With these, your shayo nights are covered. Remember, do not drink and drive.


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